Cryptocurrency : Reign of Rumble is coming, the “Super Smash Bros.” integrated with Bitcoin

Zebedee, a company that provides a Bitcoin wallet to integrate into video games, is close to launching “Reign of Rumble” (RoR), a game similar to Nintendo’s classic Super Smash Bros.

A preview of “Reign of Rumble” was shown at the Bitcoin Conference 2021, at the MintGox Arena, where Christian moss, Zebedee co-founder and game developer, explained how it works.

The appeal of Super Smash Bros. is that you can play as various characters from different games, such as Mario vs Zelda, etc. Obviously we can’t use Nintendo’s trademarks, but I found it fun to do it with historical characters: a Viking versus a samurai, or a cowboy versus a pirate. We can also put crypto-themed characters, so you can have a cyberpunk versus a unicorn-style blockchain enthusiast, so they’ll already know which chain it belongs to. That way we can put meme characters or characters from different tribes to fight.

Christian Moss, co-founder of Zebedee.

From the conference, Moss affirmed that the game would allow the possibility of modifying or creating own characters as well.

He also explained that a Reign of Rumble game can be held on a server of its own between several players, where they would pay, for example, 100 satoshis each to enter. The winner of the contest takes it all.

In exclusive comments for CryptoNews, Moss claimed that RoR would be released in phases and in several updates. Within two months or so, players will be able to test the game and its servers, using bitcoins over the Lightning network.

Moss also indicated that Zebedee seeks to work with game developer studios that are more consolidated in this industry. To achieve this, they are developing sample games, that is, that serve as an example of how Bitcoin can be implemented in traditional video games

“Arguably the game BTC Rally and Reign of Rumble are a good couple, where one is analogous to Mario Kart and the other as Super Smash Bros.,” he told CryptoNews.

A success story for Zeebedee, in this sense, is Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), which also allows you to earn rewards in bitcoin when facing other players. CriptoNoticias reported about a competition for this game that was held at the Bitcoin Conference.

Through the MintGox Discord you can follow Reign of Rumble updates and have early access to test the game.

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