Cryptocurrency : Polygon committed $ 10 million to reach 1 million users using 0x API






The project said it anticipated “an influx of new DeFi projects incorporated into the 0x ecosystem.”

The network that incorporates a large number of decentralized applications aims to reach one million users through the 0x decentralized exchange liquidity aggregation API.

In an announcement today, Polygon said its project would commit $ 10.5 million to secure decentralized financial infrastructure on its network through developer and project support. The project said it anticipated “an influx of new DeFi projects added to the 0x ecosystem” with initial support offered for Matchaxyz, Dexguru, Dexkit, MyCrypto, Set Protocol, and Zerion.

Last month, 0x released a Polygon version API for its decentralized exchange liquidity aggregator, opening up the API 0x tool to Polygon’s expanding market. The API enables major Ethereum-based DEX liquidity channels, including SushiSwap, Dfyn, Curve, Dodo, mStable, QuickSwap, and Cometh, to integrate Polygon.

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The network is supported by major investors, including billionaire Mark Cuban, who said last month that the price of cryptocurrencies should better reflect actual market demand, with “a current network effect and significant user growth.” . Although the price of Polygon’s native token, MATIC, topped $ 2 for the first time in May, the cryptocurrency has since fallen to $ 1.39 at press time.

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