Cryptocurrency : Number of Bitcoin investors triples in the last three years

A recent Gallup poll has shown that the number of investors owning bitcoin has tripled since 2018. American investors are showing increasing interest in the digital asset. The number that stood at 2% back in 2018 has tripled in 2021, as that figure now stands at 6%. Investors included in the survey were investors who owned $ 10,000 or more in stocks, bonds, and / or mutual bonds.

Ownership among investors aged 18-49 has grown 10 percentage points to 13%, up 10% from 3% in 2018. While investors aged 50 and over, only 3% said they owned bitcoin. Compared to 1% back in 2018, showing that the number had tripled in the last three years.

Increase the risk tolerance of bitcoin

From 2018 until now, the number of investors who think that bitcoin is “too risky” to invest has been steadily declining. The survey showed that after 6% of investors who confirmed they already owned bitcoin now, another 2% of investors said they would most likely buy into the digital asset in the near future. Compared to 2018, less than 0.5% of investors had said that they would likely buy the cryptocurrency in the near future.

The number of investors who said they would never buy bitcoin had also decreased. The survey in 2018 had shown that 72% of investors said they would never consider buying bitcoin, showing absolutely no interest in the digital asset. Now that number has dropped from 72% to 58% who say they would never consider buying on the digital asset.

The survey also included a section where there were investors who were curious about the digital asset, but didn’t think they were going to buy it anytime soon. The percentage of investors in this category was 34%, up from 26% in 2018 who had said they were intrigued but would not buy into the asset.

Disparities between age and sex

The Gallup poll also presented a separation of information into age groups and sex. Bitcoin ownership rose across the board. Interest in the digital asset also rose among investors surveyed compared to 2018 data.

The report showed that the percentage of women who currently own bitcoin in the United States is currently 3%, up from 1% in 2018. While for men, the number of investors who own the digital asset in 2021 is now 11% , a tremendous increase from a mere 3% back in 2018.

Age disparities also showed a clear demarcation. Investors who were between the ages of 18 and 49 were more likely to own the digital asset and investors over 50 were less likely. The oldest investors who had no interest in buying or ever owning the digital asset were 80%, the highest of any group.

The gender disparity in investors relative to bitcoin was the same across the board. Male investors were more likely to own or invest in bitcoin than women.

Sentiments towards the digital asset have moved more towards the positive in the last three years. The percentage of investors who considered the asset “very risky” in 2018 was 75%, now that figure has dropped to 60%. 35% of investors said they still consider the asset “somewhat risky”, while 5% said they did not consider the asset “not too risky” or “not at all risky.”

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