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One of the best performing cryptocurrencies today is Multiverse (AI). The price of the AI ​​coin has risen in value in the last 24 hours by 50% to $ 0.0619 dollars, and its trading volume has also increased by 175% to a shadow of more than $ 3 million.

For a project that only entered the public market a few days ago, its growth has managed to impress investors and traders across the crypto community. If you want to invest in Multiverse crypto, or if you just want to learn more about the project, this is the right article for you. Read on to find out what Multiverse is and how AI tokens make it work, what are the investment prospects for the project, and what is our Multiverse token price forecast.

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First things first, if you want to know where to buy Multiverse Coins quickly and easily, check out the section directly below. In it, our analysts have put together a list of the best places to buy, sell and trade Multiverse tokens in the UK and around the world.

How and Where to Buy AI Multiverse Crypto Online

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What is the multiverse?

It is a cryptocurrency project and AI is its native token that runs on Ethereum.

Multiverse sees itself as the ‘first true metaverse’, implementing a novel blockchain and token system to enable full decentralization, trading, and recreation. The main long-term goal is to enable DeFi projects to be funded earlier than ever through the Multiverse ecosystem.

The entire ecosystem is designed to be a hub for new ideas, startups, and projects, allowing people and businesses to operate and earn. Multiverse currently has more than 50 venture capital funds participating on the platform with ‘dozens’ of startup startups growing and developing their businesses within the ecosystem.

The key innovation here is software, with Multiverse AI allowing it to adapt, embrace decentralized governance, and operate automatically with no room for subjectivity.

The institutional names in this story are also impressive; Multiverse is backed by Huobi Ventures, Matrix Partners China, Arrington XRP Capital, and Fenbushi Capital.

Should You Buy Multiverse Coin Today?

If you’ve delved into the fundamentals of the project and feel like it will grow in the years to come, buying AI Coins now might be a smart move.

However, investing always comes with risk, and this is especially true for digital assets like AI currency, so be sure to take your time and do your due diligence before putting your capital at stake.

2021 multiverse price prediction

Our AI Multiverse price prediction is as follows: $ 0.09 this year, $ 0.11 in 2022 and up to $ 0.22 Dollars in 5 years .

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