Cryptocurrency : Is Amazon preparing for crypto payments?

Amazon has posted a job search. In short, the new hire will work on the Payments Acceptance and Experience team. With an emphasis on “Amazon’s Digital Currencies and Blockchain Vision and Strategy and Product Roadmap,” so are you preparing to receive crypto payments?

This suggests that Amazon may be taking a more serious look at cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In this regard, an Amazon spokesperson said: “We are inspired by the innovation that is happening in the cryptocurrency space. And we are exploring what this might look like on Amazon.

In addition, he added: “We believe that the future will be built on new technologies that allow modern, fast and cheap payments. And, we hope to bring that future to Amazon customers as soon as possible. “

Amazon prepares to receive payments with cryptocurrencies

Currently, Amazon, which is one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world, does not accept payments with cryptocurrencies. But, some apps, like BitPay, allow people to exchange their Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Dogecoin for Amazon gift cards.

As a fun fact, this post comes months after rumors began to grow that Amazon was laying the groundwork for a new digital currency. To use in your markets and platforms.

In search of a leader!

Ultimately, the Payments Acceptance & Experience team is looking for a product leader. With experience to develop the strategy and product roadmap of Amazon Digital Currency and Blockchain. Offer is for headquarters in Seattle, Washington, in the United States.

In fact, the candidate to work at Amazon must demonstrate extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. To develop a new product for Amazon.

In particular, the goal is to develop a new product for Amazon’s Payment Acceptance and Experience Department. The one chosen for the position will be the lead for the development of a new product for Jeff Bezos’ company.

Some of the features and abilities include:

10 years of experience in business development or technology Deep understanding of the ecosystem / cryptocurrency and related technologies Proactive attitude, natural curiosity and willingness to roll up your sleeves to achieve goals and provide excellent customer experiences Have a sharp, flexible and flexible intellect aggressive, with superb conceptual thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills.

Finally, although it is true that Amazon has not confirmed that it will adopt Bitcoin or any specific cryptocurrency. The evidence invites you to think that the company wants to prepare for something related to that area, what do you think about it? Let me know in the comment box.

By way of closing, everything seems to indicate that cryptocurrencies are beginning to become a rising value. And that in a very short time, they will be part of our daily life.

I say goodbye with this phrase from Jeff Bezos: “If you want to never be criticized, then don’t do anything.”

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