Cryptocurrency : Gaming platform eGame prepares to list on Coineal

Continuing its great growth in such a short time, eGame has added another feather to its ornate hat by listing on Coineal. The latter is one of the main cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world, so the eGame listing is a milestone that means further growth and new heights.

Standing out from the crowd: eGame’s best play

The last few years have been marked by an enormous growth in technological and web-based developments, with eSports being one of the segments that has grown the most. Thanks to improved computing power, innovations in telecommunications, and high-speed Internet connectivity, eSports have exceeded millions in market size.

However, the industry is beset by multiple problems: poor user interface, lack of customer support, inadequate security, etc. Despite providing seamless streaming and gaming experiences, the eSports segment has enormous room for improvement.

eGame, a blockchain-based eSports platform, is not only solving these problems, it is also adding value to the industry as a whole with its focus on interactions, community building, and market growth. At the same time, it is also addressing the same pain points that have been holding back online gaming in recent years, helping people of all places to participate in their favorite sports online.

The eGame platform is known for its use of smart contracts to bring transparency and decentralization to the segment. Compensation to players is no longer hidden, and transaction fees are no longer a burden on the pocketbook with eGame’s innovative model. Using its native eGI token, players can access multiple features on the platform, from tournaments to safe bets, fundraising, digital sales, etc.

Coineal Listing: A Leading Stock Exchange

EGame’s recent announcement of listing on Coineal is good news for the platform and for the eSports industry in general. After all, listing on such a major digital asset trading platform means that both eGame and the online gaming segment are going to attract more eyes. It is not surprising that now, more than ever, there are greater possibilities for expansion and growth of the segment.

Coineal is a widely recognized cryptocurrency trading platform that was established only about 3 years ago. The reason for its massive success in such a short time is its focus on localization and globalization of businesses alike.

Coineal was created by a group of blockchain hobbyists who wanted to drive the growth of the blockchain industry, bringing in high-performance companies / solutions and investors / enthusiasts. Focusing on user satisfaction, Coineal has shown multiple developments in product design, operations, and marketing in a very short time. Today, it is one of the few platforms that have been recognized and awarded by leading analysts such as CoinMarketGap, CoinGecko, and CoinHills.

What sets Coineal apart is its easy-to-use environment, which does not compromise the professionalism and security of the platform at all. The digital asset trading platform has grown to include more than 7 million users from around the world, living in more than 60 countries. The value of daily transactions on the platform has long exceeded $ 500 million.

Building a legacy

The listing of eGame on Coineal would not only bring more investment to the platform, but also the possibility of creating a massive change in the blockchain and gaming industries. The eSports fan engagement segment is on the rise, thanks to eGame’s emphasis on community building, and this growth could propel it to a whole new level.

As mentioned above, Coineal believes in placing the same emphasis on localization as on globalization, and this is very relevant for an online gaming platform like eGame. With their inclusion on the list, the platform can do much more to support the sponsorship and growth of promising players around the world.

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