Cryptocurrency : Elon Musk starts working with Dogecoin developers

Since January, Dogecoin has been one of the biggest surprises in the crypto world. Well, although the cryptocurrency has been in existence for years and enjoying a certain fame within the crypto community, it has not been until now that its price has taken off, increasing exponentially. In large part, thanks to the support shown in networks by the billionaire Elon Musk. And now, Musk starts working with Dogecoin developers, as he announced in the Tweet of the day:

Elon Musk works at Dogecoin

So far in 2021, Elon Musk has become one of the most controversial figures in the crypto world. Well, although he has expressed his support for cryptocurrencies on multiple occasions, he has concentrated this support essentially on Dogecoin. A joke cryptocurrency abandoned by its creators and without a technological project behind for its development.

Additionally, Musk provides this support for Dogecoin at the same time that his company, Tesla, turns its back on Bitcoin. Suspending car sales in exchange for the world’s first cryptocurrency, arguing that the environmental damage from Bitcoin mining is too great to ignore. Referring to the huge energy expenditure of BTC transactions.

And now, the billionaire has assured on his Twitter account that he is working with Dogecoin developers to increase the efficiency of the cryptocurrency. In what appears to be an attempt to increase the speed of the virtual currency, reducing its commissions, in order to compete with Bitcoin for the favor of the crypto community:

“Working with DOGE developers to improve the efficiency of system transactions. Potentially promising.

This message has of course sparked negative reactions within the crypto community. Which, although she knows of Elon Musk’s sympathy for Dogecoin, cannot understand how the billionaire decides to spend time and resources in the development of a virtual prank currency. Rather than dedicating himself to supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem, which he appears to be determined not only to abandon, but to overcome with DOGE.

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