Cryptocurrency : Did McAfee really kill himself? The signs that raise doubts about his death in networks

Key facts:

The founder of the antivirus company claimed to be threatened by security agents.

In 2019, he had claimed to have compromising information from the government and the CIA.

After the news about the death of businessman John McAfee in a prison in Barcelona, ​​Spain was known, his tweets from previous years refloated on social networks in which he stated that he would never make that determination. Thus, rumors and hypotheses began to emerge among the users of this social network.

The most striking publication is perhaps that of October 10, 2020, in which McAfee wrote: “I’m happy here. I have friends. The food is good. Everything is good. Know that if I hang, like (Jeffrey) Eipstein, it will not be my fault. Since the afternoon of Wednesday, June 23, the fatal fate of the American already known, the post has accumulated thousands of retweets and mentions.

The strange message from McAfee that was brought to the present by Twitter users. Source: John McAfee /

One of the most prominent comments came from Spike Cohen, libertarian candidate for vice president in 2020. “McAfee died in a Spanish prison instead of next to his wife because he refused to participate in the extortion of the United States government. Make no mistake: John’s blood is on the hands of robbers in Washington, ”he tweeted.

In the same vein as Cohen’s message, other users called the event “strange,” and some went even further and asked “not to ignore it like we did with Epstein.” Before Epstein and now him. They no longer care that we know what they are doing, “said another user responding to the original McAfee message quoted above.

To add fuel to this theory, a previous McAfee post, dated November 30, 2019, reads: “I’m getting hints from officers saying, effectively, ‘We’re getting you McAfee! We are going to “kill you”! ». I got a tattoo today, just in case. If I commit suicide, I will not have been. They must have given me a blow. Look at my right arm. $ WHACKD available only at 🙂 ».

McAfee got his token name tattooed in 2019 and warned that his life might be at risk. Source: Twitter.

In this message, in addition to denying any intention to attempt against his own life, McAfee is promoting a token that was traded on its platform at the time (currently offline), the ticker of which is WHACKD. The full name of the token is Epstein Did Not Kill Himself (in Spanish, “Epstein did not kill himself”), in reference to the tycoon who, arrested for sexual crimes, committed suicide in August 2019 in a New York jail.

What they both have in common, and hence the McAfee reference, is that they claimed to possess information that compromised important and powerful people. «I collected files on corruption in governments. For the first time, I will give names and details. I’m going to start with a corrupt CIA agent and two Bahamian officers. I start today. If I am arrested or disappeared, more than 31 terabytes of compromising information will be revealed to the press, ”McAfee wrote on Twitter on June 9, 2019.

Finally, the whole “mystery” of this theory is completed with a post on John McAfee’s official Instagram account. In the image there is a large letter Q on a white background, something that does not seem to be directly related to the reho, but which caught the attention of many given the moment of its publication, minutes after the tragic event. This, added to everything else, has generated controversy and doubts in Twitter users, who already elaborate all kinds of theories about the outcome of the billionaire.

Despite all this, there are also those who argue that the billionaire’s health had deteriorated. For example, his own wife had claimed that the months in prison weighed on McAfee’s condition.

Who was John McAfee and why was he in jail

John McAfee was a computer expert and founder of the famous computer antivirus manufacturer of the same name. In October 2020, the entrepreneur was arrested in Spain, as reported by CriptoNoticias, for tax evasions tied to his earnings from promoting cryptocurrencies, selling the rights to a documentary about his life, and owning property and assets.

In March 2021, it had become known that McAfee could face a sentence of up to 20 years for money laundering in the United States, country that was requesting his extradition. In addition, he was awarded six other charges, including tax evasion and fraud linked to initial coin offerings (ICOs) that he promoted on his Twitter profile.

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