Cryptocurrency : .BTC domains now available on the Bitcoin sidechain

Recently launched within the Bitcoin sidechain, Stacks, a domain name service (DNS) called BNS (Bitcoin domain name) which allows you to use names like “example.btc” instead of wallet addresses.

The release was posted by Stacks sidechain founder Muneeb Ali on his Twitter. In the thread, he briefly explains how it works, highlighting that these domains work in a decentralized way, and that they were written in the Clarity programming language.

Stacks is a sidechain that works on top of Bitcoin. This allows the creation of smart contracts through its own programming language, Clarity, thus facilitating the development of decentralized applications on its own blockchain. The platform uses its own token called STX.

The use of .btc domains, until the time of writing, is operational for the interaction between portfolios (send and receive) or between the different decentralized applications available in Stacks. In the case of .btc web domains, it is still in the testing phase, which has a web bridge, since traditional web browsers do not yet have compatibility.

According to the official page, users can start buying the domains at a cost of 5 USD and they are renewed every 5 years.

Web bridge for .btc domains

As highlighted on the official project page, the objective of .btc domains is to integrate a decentralized domain name server that allows resolving web addresses with .btc domains within a web browser. This protocol, on the traditional web, is performed by DNS servers.

To make this possible, web browsers must be compatible with .btc domains, a feature that is currently not available. However, to begin the integration, the development team has come up with a proposal called “Web Bridge”.

The Web Bridge serves as an interpreter between the traditional web and decentralized .btc domains, all through a centralized server called The operation is quite basic: users who buy a .btc domain will be able to use it through the subdomain, example:

According to the portal, although it is a centralized service, the ownership and administration of the domains .btc is fully decentralized, serving only as an interpreter.

This type of feature has already been tested on Ethereum by the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) project with .eth domains. These allow you to use names instead of wallet addresses. It should be noted that ENS are already beginning to be used in sidechains of the Ethereum network, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

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