Cryptocurrency : Binance’s NFT Market opens with works by Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí

Key facts:

Warhol has, in NFT format, Three Self-Portraits with different colors and textures.

Works can be purchased in BNB, BUSD or ether (ETH).

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The exchange of bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies, Binance, opened its own market of non-fungible tokens (NFT) to the public today, Thursday, June 24, and for that occasion, they attended two of the most famous artists of all time, Andy Warhol and Salvador Dalí.

In that sense, Binance NFT performs its first premium auction, making available to art and NFT lovers, a collection called «Genesis», with recreated works of Dalí and Warholthe platform reported in a statement.

The first auction is from the work called Three Self-portraits, by Warhol himself, recreated in “rich and textured colors,” highlights the company. Each representation is titled with a different name and those are: “Nirvana”, “Vitality” and “Harmony”.

In the case of “Nirvana” and “Vitality” are up for auction 66 pieces, while from “Harmony” there are 34, for a total of 100 tokenized artworks, from the artist who led the pop art movement.

The auction winner too you will receive the physical art piecethe exchange explains in its post.

Warhol’s recreations have a variety of colors and textures.

So far, the user Anonymous_ghcn offered the amount of 2,520,000 BUSD, Binance’s stablecoin, for one of the self-portraits.

Dalí’s surrealism in an NFT

The technology of NFTs and the surrealism of Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, better known as Salvador Dalí, come together after 32 years of his death.

Dalí was a Spanish artist, considered one of the maximum representatives of surrealism And now he has a recreation of his work, the Divine Comedy, in non-fungible token format, with details that bring him back to 2021.

In this recreated work of Dalí, they include some novel elements and that represent the cryptocurrency trading platform, as well as the world of bitcoin.

In the artistic pieces are integrated, for example, the bitcoin symbol, the Binance logo and the signature of the founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, who can be distinguished by zooming in on the work.

This recreation of Dalí’s work includes the signature of Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Dalí’s works are divided into three different representations, the first of which is “Divina comedia: rebeget – Inferno”, which contains 102 pieces, followed by “Divina comedia: rebeget – Purgatory” with 102 pieces and finally “Divina comedia: rebeget – Paradise »with 99 pieces.

People interested in acquiring any of the works of these iconic artists will have until June 29 to participate and will be able to do so on the Binance marketplace, so they must have a verified account on the platform and own BNB or BUSD.

Binance does not allow withdrawal or deposit of NFTs, yet

The launch of the NFT market by Binance, brings with it a series of measures, among which it stands out that the platform does not allow depositing or withdrawing NFT to self-custody wallets, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

However, the company assures that this option will be available soon. The tokens are based on the BEP-721 standard of the Binance Smart Chain.

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