Cryptocurrency : Binance to Launch Its NFT Marketplace with 100 “High-Profile” Creators

Key facts:

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency market to join the NFTs.

In addition to traditional artists, Binance will have unique NFTs from magicians and tattoo artists.

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Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange with the highest market capitalization, revealed who will be the creators who are part of the inaugural campaign of its new section dedicated to non-fungible tokens (NFT). This platform will be available from June 24, 2021.

The “100 creators” campaign, announced by Binance on Sunday, June 6, brings together brands, institutions, musical and visual artists with a track record or renown in the arts, from “High profile»From around the world, the exchange said on its official blog.

One of the strengths that this market will have non-fungible tokens for artists, are your ‘rates of payment of Highest royalties available»While, for collectors, it promises a Good selection, according to the statement.

Binance’s NFT Marketplace will have artists, magicians, institutions, and all kinds of creators

For the opening of the Binance NFT market, a wide range of content will be available from visual arts, music and video games up to sports, including one-of-a-kind works.

The tattoo artist Johnny Gloom, one of the first 100 creators to participate in the Binance marketplace, tells of his experience going from skin art to NFTs:

NFTs help artists secure their work and give them new creative perspectives no matter what medium they were initially working with, in my case: skin. (…) It has been a very interesting experience as a tattoo artist, working essentially in the tangible world and in people’s bodies, now presenting my work digitally.

Johnny Gloom, tattoo artist, one of the 100 creators of Binance.

Although it has not been specified whether these tattoos will be physically available, Binance opens up the possibilities for other one-of-a-kind quirky propositions. Like ConceptCigars, a collection of cigar concepts, the wizard Wian, and the creator of video memes about Bitcoin Lil Bubble.

Lil Bubble, one of Binance NFT’s “100 Creators” contestants, in a bitcoin parody of “Congratulations,” a Post Malone song. Source: Lil Bubble YouTube channel.

Traditional artists from around the world will also participate, like the Italians Giovanni Motta, Emanuele Dascanio and Valentina Loffredo, the Mexican Leonardo Pereznieto. There are also several participants from Asia such as Malaysian artist Red Hong Yi, Taiwanese musician Coco Lee, among other creators who will be making known through her instagram.

The 100 Binance NFT creators in the inaugural campaign of their new market. Source: Binance NFT.

The recent 90% contraction in market volume in NFT has not stopped the emergence of new platforms dedicated to trading tokenized art and collectibles.

The Japanese exchange Coincheck, Hong Kong’s, and Binance-owned WazirX recently joined the non-fungible token trade. Likewise, the social network Instagram, celebrates from today the creator’s week with a section for the creators of NFT.

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