Cryptocurrency : Argentine ice cream parlor sells NFT collectibles of “different flavors”

Key facts:

Each non-fungible token has a cost of 0.4 ETH equivalent to USD 800.

The ice cream parlor’s NFTs are for sale through the OpenSea platform.

The Gianudia Gelatería chain, an ice cream franchise based in Rosario, Argentina, has decided to enter the world of NFT collectibles by selling 20 of its flavors, all through the OpenSea platform at a cost of 0 , 4 ETH per token.

In an interview offered to CriptoNoticias by Juan Ignacio Nassi, consultant and head of digital marketing at Gianludia, some details were known about why a business of this type ventures into the world of non-fungible tokensThe main drive being “the need to innovate” and “add value to customer loyalty.”

The NFT collection for sale is called Crypto Gelato, and was released on June 22. Each NFT is dedicated to one of the flavors that the ice cream shop offers. Some of their ice creams are unique, and created under an artisan production process, as explained on their website.

The collection is called Crypto Gelato, and brings together some of the flavors offered by the Gianludia ice cream parlor. Source: Open Sea.

Although behind the campaign there is a marketing background, Nassi clarifies that the objective of this collection is to “offer value to the customer” mainly those cryptofriendly (people who are “crypto-friendly” or have an affinity with cryptocurrencies).

In this sense, as Nassi responds to the question about whether the ice cream parlor would start accepting cryptocurrencies, “open doors.” «[La heladería] does not rule out the possibility of accepting cryptocurrencies “, says the consultant, putting emphasis that one of the main ones to accept would be ether (ETH), the cryptocurrency of Ethereum. This after the arrival of Ethereum 2.0, proposed for the end of this year, can be successfully achieved.

On the other hand, for those who acquire the NFTs, Nassi clarifies that, for example, “the taste of Cheesecake ice cream is unique, because there will be no other like it. Therefore, it ensures that each “flavor” will be exclusive, no other NFT will exist or be released. Similary within the collection of the ice cream parlor.

The Gianduia ice cream parlor is a company of just 5 years founded by Julián Matos and Franco D’Angelo. Although it is originally from the city of Rosario, it has more than 10 branches spread throughout Argentina.

Food and NFT

The non-fungible token or NFT, are nothing new, Rarepepe and Cryptokitties have been existing and promoting this class of collectible tokens since 2017. Although, since last year, a growing interest in this market has been born, coming to sell collectibles of all kinds, including food.

In a report published in CriptoNoticias, the story of Vanessa González and her husband Christopher, a chef couple who created their own NFT of one of their most representative shakes, baptized as Crypto Shake, was revealed.

This NFT fever has unleashed a wave of new markets. The artists, for their part, have thus achieved a new medium to commercialize their works. Among these artists is the case of Luis Arregui Henk, a young Argentine who has begun to sell his creations through OpenSea in order to collect funds that allow him to pay for his cancer treatment.

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