Cryptocurrency : 69,000 BTC disappear for alleged hack of a South African cryptocurrency platform

After the crypto company AfriCrypt announced in April that the platform had suffered a hack, now the 69,000 BTC have disappeared along with the 2 brothers who created this company.

Although it is not yet confirmed that it is a blatant theft by the founders, it is clear that it is most likely. The complete disappearance of these characters and without any way to contact them, suggests that it is the biggest scam in history.

The warnings jumped to investors when AfriCrypt promised a slightly credible return of up to 10% daily. However, today we see that many people did not comply with them.

This is how the story of the alleged BTC hack began

Founded in 2019 by brothers Ameer and Raees Cajee. AfriCrypt accumulated about $ 3.6 billion as of April 13. That day was when the message was sent to the users of the platform, announcing the hack of the platform.

Shortly after the message was sent, operations were paralyzed, beginning the “recovery of funds and compromised information.”

However, from the user side, suspicions began to arouse. The South African law firm Hanekom Attorneys, which took the case on behalf of the users, points out the suspicious part of the message, where they state that users can go the legal route, but asked that they recognize that this would only delay the recovery process.

In addition to this, the law firm adds another suspicious event. They indicate that users lost access to the platform seven days before the alleged BTC hack.

From the firm they are sure that it is a blatant robbery and not a malicious attack.

They allege that the brothers withdrew the 69,000 Bitcoins after the recent crash, and subjected the funds to money laundering via the deep web, making them untraceable.

At what stage is the case currently?

Right now the founders of AfriCryp are totally missing, while the website is down.

Hanekom Attorneys’ lawyers reported the case to the elite unit of the South African national police. In turn, the South Gauteng Superior Court of South Africa granted a provisional liquidation order to the brothers, with a deadline until July 19 to respond to said call.

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