As happened at Atlético-MG, Cruzeiro may have a “help” from one of its main sponsor. Supermercados BH, which belongs to businessman Pedro Lourenço, said in an interview with Rádio Itatiaia that it will not allow Cruzeiro to lose more points in Serie B with another FIFA penalty.

Lourenço can assist Raposa in an emergency at the club, which is paying R $ 11 million with Zorya, from Ukraine, for the purchase of striker Willian Bigode, in 2014. The celestial team lost the lawsuit in the maximum entity of football and has to pay the debit until Friday, May 29, so as not to lose six more points in Series B.

Cruzeiro has already been punished by FIFA with the loss of points for not paying the debt with Al-Wahda, from the United Arab Emirates, in the amount of 850 thousand euros (R $ 5 million) for the loan of the midfielder Denílson, in 2016.

Willian has already left Cruzeiro for Palmeiras, but his purchase with the Ukrainians has not yet been concluded- (Photo: Ramon Bitencourt)

Photo: Lance!

-I think that all people from Cruzeiro, who are like me, will never be able to accept the situation of Cruzeiro. Sérgio Rodrigues, the new president, came to me. I have the idea of ​​continuing the sponsorship, renewing for the centenary, and we will not allow Cruzeiro to lose more points for this payment – said Pedro Lourenço, who reinforced his intention to help the celestial team.

-I’ll make an effort, we can’t leave. We will not lose six points. I will help and I hope that other cruzeirenses will also help. The Cruzeiro fan can be sure that this will not happen – he added.

The help of the businessman, if it materializes, will be in good time, since Cruzeiro tried unsuccessfully to divide William’s debt with Zorya. Pedro Lourenço’s assistance to the mining team is nothing new. He recently helped buy the side Orejuela from Ajax-HOL, in addition to participating in other transactions for the club’s benefit.

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