Cruz azul will beat Arcahaie FC in the Concachampions, according to bookmakers

This Tuesday, the Cruz Azul Machine will visit the Arcahaie FC of Haiti in the CONCACAF Champions League and according to the forecasts of the bookmakers, the Liga MX team will beat the modest Haitian soccer club.

According to the casinos, Cruz Azul will score more than 4 goals in the first leg of the Round of 16 against Arcahie, since the odds at which he scores less, pay much more than if you bet that he does score them.

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According to the odds, it would be a true miracle if the Haitian team wins the match or draws, since the victory pays a fee of 17.00 and the tie, 13.00.

Given the logic of the Casino, Cruz Azul is more likely to win the match 3-0, as it is the result that pays the least.

The Machine will play with a B draw against Arcahaie, however, even so, the advantage it has over the team is very wide.

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