Cruz Azul was just a toy for Guillermo ‘Billy’ Álvarez, says Víctor Velázquez

A little over a week after ending with a 23-year-old malaria without a degree in the Liga MX, the President of the Supervisory Council of La Cruz Azul Cooperative, Víctor Velázquez, He attacked Guillermo ‘Billy’ Álvarez Cuevas, the former head of the heavenly institution and whom some blame for the drought of championships in the La Noria team.

Only two complete tournaments without Billy Álvarez were enough for Cruz Azul to achieve what he could not do in more than 40 short tournaments, because under the command of this new administration headed by Víctor Velázquez, the celestial fans were able to celebrate the arrival of the famous ninth.

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In an interview with ESPN, the manager once again attacked Billy Álvarez, assuring that the former president of Cruz Azul saw the sports club as his toy, keeping cooperative members on the sidelines, since no information about the team’s movements reached them.

“We know that he always kept football as a toy for him and his family and never let the cooperative have information on all the transactions that were made,” revealed Velázquez.

The President of the Vigilance Council reiterated that under this new administration they are seeking to change the entire culture that prevailed in the last 32 years in Cruz Azul, where conformism and apathy reigned in the face of poor results.

“We are changing an entire culture, a culture that had been inherited from us for more than 32 years and that unfortunately was a culture of conformity, apathy and that we have to change to set goals, be successful and go out and stand up in difficult times .

Velázquez emphasized the good communication they have had since he began his administration, ensuring that they are on the right track to fight for all the titles that are in dispute, predicting many successes in the near future.

“Working as a team, with communication and above all with honesty, we are going to achieve all the titles, the tenth and the eleventh soon and many years will not pass as it had happened in that administration that it is even a shame to remember”, he sentenced .

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