Cruz Azul vs Toronto FC: Results they need to qualify at Concachampions

The Cruz Azul Machine will receive MLS Toronto on Tuesday with the conditions in favor to qualify for the semifinals of the Concacaf Champions League, whose monarch will play the Club World Cup.

Led by the Peruvian Juan Reynoso, in the first leg of the series the Blues beat Toronto 1-3 in their own stadium with two goals from the Ecuadorian Bryan Angulo and one from the Paraguayan Pablo Aguilar and now they intend to close the tie with a victory at home.

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Cruz Azul, a six-time Concacaf champion, is going through a moment of rise having led the regular phase of the Clausura tournament and going as the first seed to the quarterfinals, which Reynoso wants to complement with a triumph in the regional competition.

Although the team led by Chris Armas arrives with a disadvantage on the scoreboard and will play in a complicated Azteca stadium for visiting teams, Reynoso has made it clear that they will not consider the opposite less and will seek to get the most out of their players, in search of access to the phase of the best four.

What do they need to advance to the next round?

Cruz Azul has a 3-1 lead and any win or draw would qualify for the semifinals of the Concachampions.

For its part, Toronto needs to score 3 goals to advance to the next round and not be scored. In the event that Cruz Azul scores a goal, Toronto would need to score 4 goals, as with 3 it would be enough to force extra time.

If he scored 4 goals, he would force Cruz Azul to score three goals, that is, to lose with only one goal difference.

The game will be played this Tuesday, May 4 at 9:15 p.m. Central Mexico time and the Azteca Stadium will host the meeting.