Cruz Azul: Víctor Vázquez confesses the ‘nightmare’ he lived with the Machine in Liga MX

Midfielder Víctor Vázquez will experience a new stage in his professional career as a new reinforcement of the Los Angeles Galaxy, for the 2021 season in Major League Soccer, being the partner of Mexican footballers Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez, Jonathan Dos Santos and Efrain Alvarez.

In an exclusive interview for the medium ‘TUDN‘, the Spanish midfielder affirmed that he lived dark moments in his time with the Cruz Azul Machine and that the same institution prevented him from showing his quality on the field.

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“People got it a little bit wrong, but I was left with that bitter taste of so much as I could not prove that player that I am and the club did not end up helping me in what could have helped me,” he said.

Despite the differences and accusations he made against the club, midfielder Víctor Vázquez confessed that he has a special affection for the cement producers for being the promoter to be able to emigrate to the MLS.

“I am very fond of Cruz Azul because it gave me the great opportunity to play in Mexican soccer, the season I was there was not the way I would have liked, it was a not very difficult situation at the club level and at the team level. , and we did not live up to what they expected of us, but it was a very nice experience to be in Mexico, but on a professional level it was not what I expected or what the club expected, “he explained.

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