Cruz Azul: The key to Juan Reynoso’s success at La Maquina

Cruz Azul enjoys a great moment of form in the present Closing 2021 under the orders of Juan Reynoso on the bench, since they are the general leaders in Liga MX with 30 points and have already accumulated 11 consecutive games with victory.

Cruz Azul continues in an upward dynamic like the last tournament under the orders of Robert Dante Siboldi At this stage of the tournament, but the difference is that with Reynoso La Maquina has been much more balanced.

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In the Apertura 2020, on matchday 13, Cruz Azul under the orders of Siboldi already had 20 goals in favor, the same as it has now with Juan Reynoso, but the difference has been the defensive strength that the Peruvian DT has given to the cement makers.

Since in addition to maintaining the same scoring rhythm, it has a more reliable defense. Last tournament at this point in the tournament, Cruz Azul already had 16 goals against, and now they only have seven.

Practically twice the number of goals conceded this season, suggesting that Cruz Azul is a team with a lethal offense, but that it suffers less in defense and therefore wins games easier.

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