Cruz Azul: Shaggy Martínez snubs Club América prior to the Young Classic

In the preview of Classic Young between Club América and Cruz Azul in the Closing 2021 of the MX League, José Joaquín ‘El Shaggy’ Martínez, released a tremendous statement in which he claimed to have forgotten his Americanist past, since he no longer cares for the cream institution and is now due to the colors of Machine , a club he came to less than a year ago.

The 34-year-old full-back trained, debuted and played for six years with the America club, has 21 games as a celestial and in this Clausura 2021 he has participated in 13 of 14 matches, being one of the most regular players in the scheme of Juan Reynoso.

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“Darling no more, thanks, but I am a person who tries to see the positive side of everything and with the clubs with which I have played, that I have had the privilege and honor of wearing the shirt of four or five clubs, I am grateful to all. Affection and love only to the current one, which is the one that I defend today 100 percent, “Martinez told ESPN.

Shaggy Martínez wearing the Club América jersey. Photo: Jammedia.

Martínez will only experience his first Young Classic against América, but given his azulcrema past, Shaggy made it clear that he understands very well what these types of matches mean, because the Basic Forces indoctrinate them that they must win at any cost. these commitments and leave everything on the court.

“Today it is known that the Classics are won, whether playing well or playing badly, but they have to be won. We know it is going to be an intense match and at the end of the day we work to win ”, he commented.

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Shaggy played for América 6 years, but could never find regularity in the Coapa team, leaving in 2006 to Necaxa, where he showed his best level, passing the Tuzos del Pachuca and having a brief passage through the Ascent MX with the Zacatecas miners.

After two more years with the Tuzos, the defunct Monarcas Morelia rescued him in 2019, having two brilliant tournaments with the Michoacanos, so Cruz Azul caught him in the summer of 2020 when he was released from his contract.

In his first tournament with Cruz Azul, El Shaggy only played 123 minutes in 3 games. Today he has 756 minutes in 13 games.

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