Cruz Azul: “Shaggy” Martínez is close to renewing with the Machine

Jose Joaquin Martinez, better known as “The Shaggy”, has had a good performance with the Cruz Azul Machine since his arrival of the missing Monarcas Morelia, a situation that would make the celestial directive renew its contract.

In an interview for W Deportes, “The Shaggy” Martinez revealed that his agent is already in talks with the celestial directors so that he can continue in the team for a longer time, which is also his wish.

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“There is interest in the renovation, I want to stay, I hope that the signature can be given soon, my agent is already working on it”

Regarding the great moment that Cruz Azul is going through, “el Shaggy” Martínez commented that this good season will be of no use if in the end they do not keep the Clausura 2021 trophy.

“In the end you can achieve records and 16 victories, but if we are not Champions it is useless”

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