Cruz Azul seeks three reinforcements for Juan Reynoso in the 2021 Apertura of the MX League

After the first official discharge from the Blue Cross, the champion of the Liga MX, with the departure of Elijah Hernandez, the manager of the cement team, Victor Velazquez, assured that they will try to give continuity to the rest of the players who delivered the title together with Juan Reynoso, although they will respect the first leg if any of them want to leave the heavenly institution.

In an interview for the newspaper Marca, Velázquez recalled the issue of the election of Juan Reynoso as technical director of La Maquina, accepting that they did not have such an encouraging start, but they always showed their total confidence and support for the Peruvian.

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“We had a series of coaches and we were analyzing each one of them and we opted for Juan Reynoso, who had been champion in 97, champion in Peru, and with a good job at Puebla, he wears the shirt and has it tattooed, who better that he and he immediately identified with the team, you have this team we told him and now he has the results ”, he commented.

Regarding the squad of the team for Apertura 2021, Velázquez revealed that the priority is to maintain the base of the champion team, although they will respect if any of them want to leave the club.

A few months ago it came out that Jonathan Rodríguez wanted to emigrate from the institution), he is very happy here, I think he does not leave, but if he wanted, go ahead, we support and support him, but he would only go to Europe. “

Velázquez revealed that there will be two to three reinforcements that will arrive in this transfer market, ensuring that the club’s finances are very solid, although this does not mean that they will spend the designated budget for hiring hands free.

“The team requires 2 or 3 reinforcements as Juan Reynoso has said, having the acquisitions well thought out and taking care of the Cooperative financially; Cruz Azul and the squad should not be allowed to fall, we must continue under this same scheme, “he said.

Unofficially, in this transfer market the Peruvian Raúl Ruidiaz, as well as the Spanish defender Unai Bilbao, have sounded like reinforcements.

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