Cruz Azul prevails 3-2 in an exciting duel against Toluca

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La Jornada newspaper
Sunday, February 21, 2021, p. a10

Cruz Azul avoided ridicule by regaining the advantage on the scoreboard and defeating Toluca 3-2 to stay among the top positions, after seven days of the 2021 Guardians tournament. of the leadership by remaining with 13 points.

Jonathan Rodríguez (6) and Roberto Alvarado (27) put La Machine ahead, but neglects in the rear allowed Toluca to equalize with goals from Miguel Barbieri (44) Pedro Canelo (45 + 2, penalty). Guillermo Pol Fernández rescued the victory for the locals with a goal in the 62nd minute.

Juan Reynoso, La Machine’s coach, changed his scheme for this duel and sent Santiago Giménez, Ignacio Rivero and Pablo Aguilar as starters, after Julio César Cata Domínguez presented abdominal discomfort.

The goal came quickly for the Celestes, when Giménez stole the ball in a good individual play, he sent a pass to Rafael Baca, who gave the ball for Jonathan Cabecita Rodríguez to sentence him at point-blank range. The Uruguayan forward seemed to be vindicating himself after a video leaking in the week where he appeared at a party, which according to the directive was a couple of months ago.

With the score in favor of the celestial ones, the duel was dynamic and the locals managed to unleash another blow by chance. Luis Romo sent a center and Roberto Alvarado managed to finish, in a run over, with his left knee that entered the nets.

Suddenly, an absurd and laughable play frustrated the same for the celestial ones. Luis Romo fired and the ball hit the post; On the rebound, Cabecita Rodríguez appeared to finish off a shot that was involuntarily deflected by the whistling Óscar Macías. Although Cruz Azul claimed, the referee ordered to continue with the game and surprisingly Toluca managed to balance the game near the break. Rubens Sambueza overflowed on the left side and sent a cross for Miguel Barbieri to take a risk with a sweep to define close to the post.

Pol scores again

Just a few minutes later, a foul by Pablo Escobar on Michael Estrada gave the visitors a penalty. Alexis Canelo took the maximum penalty with a powerful shot to make it 2-2.

The complement started harsh, but the celestial managed to rescue the duel in their favor. Orbelín Pineda sent a delayed pass and Pol Fernández finished off with a powerful volley from the center of the area to give La Maquina the victory.