Cruz Azul: Player of the Machine denounced threats against the lives of his children

More than 23 years without a Liga MX title is a very heavy slab that has been loaded by dozens of players who have passed through the ranks of Blue Cross, Entire families have suffered from the drought that has plagued La Maquina in the local tournament for more than two decades, which has caused a disagreement with a large part of the fans towards their team and its players, to the point of launching threats against their lives and their families.

This was revealed by Carlos Batiz, a filmmaker who worked with Carlo Carrera in the making of the documentary ‘Dark blue’, who assured that some of the Cruz Azul footballers told him that their families have suffered threats that they would attempt against their lives due to the lack of titles since 1997.

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“There is a player who tells us: ‘you don’t know how embarrassed we are to go out on the streets when we lose, my children have been threatened with death.’ It would be good if people knew the human aspect, it really contrasts with what we have seen on the court, “he revealed on ESPN.

In addition, the filmmaker commented that other players reproach the idea that Cruz Azul players have sold important matches, all this due to the last elimination of La Maquina in the last league, when the Pumas de la UNAM traced back a 4 -0 which seemed lapidary against the blue-aurians.

“You think I have the face to get to that place, where I have been trained, where they have always treated me well, with the stain that supposedly I sold myself, it is impossible,” he commented.

Dark Blue is the name of the documentary that will talk about the history of the celestial club, emphasizing the management of Billy Álvarez Cuevas in the last 32 years.

“Beyond the millionaire embezzlement, what surprises us the most are the testimonies of that psychological terrorism, of all the repression, of how they operated, there were threats with armed people, crimes were invented to accuse and disqualify people; There were even those who spent a few days in jail, ”said Carrera para Milenio.

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