Cruz Azul: Miguel Herrera confirms Tigres’ interest in Orbelín Pineda

The UANL Tigres do not give up on the idea of ​​signing the player from La Maquina de Cruz Azul, Orbelín Pineda, a footballer who is the wish of the board and Miguel Herrera, as revealed by the same coach and although he would not leave this summer, the Louse does not see his signing as ‘impossible’.

In an interview with Multimedios, El Piojo spoke of his possible signing and assured that they do have an interest in him, a player he wants to have on his squad for the 2021 Apertura.

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“He is a very attractive player, I hope he can bring him in; it is not that it is impossible, if Florian has already arrived, he seems to me a quality more than what we can think of any other player, because he is world champion, because he has scored Much difference; Orbelín is a very attractive player, say yes and then if he does not arrive, he has a contract with Cruz Azul, he has just been champion, he is Mexican, he is very attractive. Miguel said.

In case of his signing, the overcrowding in midfield would be forcing the feline team to get rid of some players and on Nico or Leo, Miguel made a decision.

I don’t dislike (Fernández), I see in Nico López and Leo a very similar player, with much more goal Nico López than Leo, with much more goal, more back and forth, so my head tells me if I had to work with one, as I saw them, because I have not worked with any, as I saw them and saw them in the videos, I would think more about Nico right now. “He commented.

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