Cruz Azul Luis Romo in the sights of Tigres for the Apertura 2021 work

The Sinaloan footballer from Cruz Azul, Luis Romo, would be in the sights of the UANL Tigres to be reinforcement in the Apertura 2021 in case of the departure of Guido Pizarro.

According to Pello Maldonado, a journalist for Multimedios, Guido’s departure is one of the possibilities, so the arrival of Romo as his replacement is analyzed in the feline group.

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Romo has had a meteoric growth in Liga MX, which is why not only Tigres have set their sights on him, however, his hiring seems to be a distant possibility.

Romo, player of the Machine, closed the possibility to every Liga MX club, as he assured that he is in the best team in Mexico and would only go to Europe.

Guido Pizarro ends his contract this summer and would have offers in Argentina, so his continuity is not certain.

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