Cruz Azul: Juan Reynoso, the expert who would end the curse of the novena

Blue Cross begins today a new race in search of the ninth star in the MX League after 23 years and 45 short tournaments trying to win again in the league tournament of the Mexican Soccer, a period of years that many have classified as a curse for the celestial team, because championships have escaped them in an unlikely way and seconds after their triumphs are decreed.

With this scenario and after a formidable regular tournament registered in the Clausura 2021 by the hand of Juan Reynoso, The Machine Cruz Azul will appeal to the experience of the Peruvian in this type of situation, since the celestial coach already knows what it is to cut long streaks without a title in other teams.

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Coincidentally, Juan Reynoso was in charge of lifting the trophy of the last league championship for Cruz Azul, and now, almost 24 years later, he could do it as its technical director, an achievement that no one has achieved with the institution of La Noria.

That title in 1997 represented cutting a 17-year streak without a league title for Cruz Azul, the first ‘curse’ that Reynoso threw down in his career, as as technical director he repeated that feat twice in his home country.

In 2007, in his first season with Colonel Bolognesi’s team, he ended a 78-year streak without celebrating a title, winning the Clausura that year and qualifying the team for the Copa Libertadores.

In 2015, the ‘magic’ of Reynoso once again disappeared another curse in Peru, this time of lesser longevity, as it ended 34 years of waiting for a Melgar club title.

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