Cruz Azul: Juan Reynoso thanks his team and the fans after reaching the semifinals

The strategist of Cruz Azul, Juan Reynoso, highlighted the great claw and courage they showed before the TolucaThe Peruvian said that it was a good night where qualification was achieved and thousands of fans who went to the Azteca Stadium were filled with enthusiasm.

“We would have liked to resolve the tie in a different way. The truth is that they played their best. The game could have been for anyone. Yes, we got a lot of advantage in untos, but we are in another moment. We brought many out of the closet. The fans they were sad, “he mentioned.

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“I want to thank the boys for their efforts. We had a good time, they took the second with their hearts. I also want to thank the fans, they never stopped supporting us even though the second goal did not fall,” he added.

The Peruvian strategist believes that the celestial team got the result thanks to the fact that everyone arrived with a winning mentality and assured that he does not mind being the target of criticism, as long as the players are concentrated

“I think the most important thing was temperament, that part has been our essence. In this team there are desires to transcend and we must not lose them,” he explained.

“The important thing here is the team. What they say about me goes to the background. I want to clarify that we do not underestimate or overvalue the rival,” he said.

“We celebrated it with great measure, we only took one more step. I am calm. Today the team looked for him and found him. They were days of a lot of adrenaline,” he concluded.

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