Cruz Azul: Juan Reynoso questions the continuity of three figures

The Cruz Azul Machine was crowned champion of the Clausura 2021 Tournament after beating Santos Laguna in the final and just a couple of days after the title, the Celestial could begin to lose several key pieces of the squad.

In an interview with Azteca Deportes, Juan Reynoso, Cruz Azul coach, revealed that the club could not reach an agreement for the renewals of Jesús Corna, “el Shaggy” Martínez and Pablo Aguilar, despite the fact that these were his request to the directive of the Machine.

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“What really worried me was the case” Chuy “,” Shaggy “, Pablo himself, they would renew as soon as possible, even before me. I told them “first fix them and then I’ll fix it”, and no, it didn’t happen “

Reynoso also spoke of other players such as Orbelín Pineda, Jonathan “Cabecita” Rodríguez and Luis Romo, who still have a current contract with the team and hope they can stay longer.

“In the beginning, yes. Orbelín still ends in December, Romo is a year and a half, “Cabeza” two more years ”

Juan Reynoso also commented that they are aware that it will be a very complicated summer, because in addition to the casualties, they will also lose several players who will go with their teams to qualifying or the Olympics.

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