Cruz Azul: Juan Reynoso ends up happy to ‘get out alive’ from his visit to the Arcahaie in Haiti

Surprisingly, Cruz Azul’s Machine saw its streak of eleven wins in a row halted this year by drawing without goals against the humble team of the Arcahaie from Haiti in the first leg of the CONCACAF Champions League (Concachampions) Round of 16, leaving the tie for the second leg ‘open’ in the Azteca Stadium lnext week.

The result was the most surprising, because despite the fact that Cruz Azul used an alternative eleven full of substitutes, the level of the Mexican team led to suppose a win against the Caribbean, or at least a triumph for the celestial ones.

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At the end of the match, the coach of La Maquina, Juan Reynoso, showed his “happiness” for drawing the goalless draw on Dominican soil, ensuring that they have to celebrate that they are still alive in the tie.

“Rest recovering and we have to congratulate that we are still very much alive in the tie. Today I appreciate the efforts of the boys and the sacrifice and wear and tear for the trip. “

The celestial helmsman assured that he was not surprised by the level shown by the Arcahaie team, adding that they were affected by the field of play, as they could not adapt to it and were very erratic in the face of goal.

“No surprise at all. We knew we were going to have a good rival but we didn’t adapt to the field. We played a serious game but we couldn’t finish.”

Reynoso closed by saying that for the Vuelta en Azteca match, the process of the match will be totally different, anticipating that it will largely repeat the starting eleven that stopped this Tuesday against the Caribbeans.

“You have to value things that an outsider doesn’t do. You don’t have to find out about those things. But yes, it will be a different game at Azteca and it gives me confidence that we will solve it.”

What does Cruz Azul need to qualify for the Concachampions?

For the Vuelta match, Cruz Azul is obliged to win the match, in case of a goalless draw they will go directly to penalties, and in the event of a goal tie in regular time, the Haitian team will go to the next round.

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