Cruz Azul: Jaime Ordiales complains bitterly about the arbitration vs Toluca

After the defeat of The Cruz Azul Machine on his visit to the Red Devils of Toluca in the Ida game of the Quarterfinals of the Clausura 2021 of Liga MX, the sports director of the Cementero team, Jaime Ordiales, he openly complained about the arbitration of Marco Antonio Ortiz, who signaled two penalties against the celestial ones.

Gato Ortiz had a controversial job at Nemesio Díez on Wednesday night by pointing out a couple of penalties in favor of the Red Devils of Toluca, the second, very controversial, on the Argentine Rubens Sambueza, who was apparently ‘touched’ by Roberto Alvarado.

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Although arbitration experts such as Eduardo Brizio and Felipe Ramos Rizo accepted Ortiz’s decision in this controversial play, the majority of sports analysts and fans assured that Sambueza dived and faked the lack of Piojo.

With spirits still hot due to the defeat that made the tie against the scarlets uphill, Jaime Ordiales said that they are worried about Ortiz’s bad work, because they were harmed with their decisions, in addition to pointing out an attitude against Bryan Angulo by the whistler.

“Marco Ortiz’s work left a lot to be desired. For us it is not a penalty, for him it was. We are concerned because we were harmed. It seems that the referee took something personal with Bryan Angulo. It draws our attention,” he said.

However, the manager made it clear that bad refereeing is not a pretext to excuse himself from the defeat, but they do ask that the referee’s decisions be correct and do not affect the development of a game.

“In the end, we ask that the decisions taken are correct, we do not ask that they attack us or help us, only that they make good decisions,” he said.

The sports director gave his support to his coach, Juan Reynoso, who has been identified as an important part of the heavenly defeat against Toluca due to his approach, leaving Orbelín Pineda and Jonathan Rodríguez on the bench.

“Reynoso is the leader of the team and he decided to go out like this, in the game we were not fortunate that things turned out, but there are still 90 minutes to go,” Ordiales commented.

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