Cruz Azul: Indirect to Orbelín Pineda? Álvaro Dávila assures that they ‘go overboard’ in renovations

The Cruz Azul Machine continues without officially announcing the renewals of some of its players for the 2021 Opening of the MX League, although unofficially it is known that Pablo Aguilar, José Martínez and Jesús Corona they are almost fixed with a new contract, not so the midfielder Orbelín Pineda, who seems determined to ‘burn’ the six months that remain as a celestial player and go free in December.

Regarding this situation, the President of Cruz Azul, Álvaro Dávila He commented that some of these players are collaborating and showing flexibility in the negotiations, while others are not giving in on their requirements, which is why they would be far from remaining in the team.

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“We have players in the process of renewing and who have the best disposition, but I do believe that there are two others who are crossing the line,” explained Dávila in an interview with Javier Alarcón.

Dávila did not venture to name names, limiting himself to ensuring that the celestial board is doing everything possible to keep the champion squad in its entirety, but some players are making it very difficult for this to happen.

The manager showed his annoyance at this situation, ensuring that the players do not think about the team or the opportunities it has given them to grow.

“That does not exist. There is the egoism of me and my future, here each one looks for his convenience ”, commented the President.

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