Cruz Azul did not scare Arcahaie away in the Concachampions, say Haitians

After the surprising result in the visit of Cruz Azul to the Arcahaie from Haiti, Michel Gabriel, the coach of the Caribbean team and one of its footballers, Richard Thomas, they assured that the celestial ones were not the rival they thought they would be, because they feared that The Machine was a real ‘earthquake’ that would thrash them in the match of Ida de los Round of 16 of the CONCACAF Champions League.

The Haitian coach, Michel Gabriel, had already assured that the local press had created an erroneous perception of Cruz Azul, assuring that it was a very powerful team and could humiliate them by playing in a neutral territory such as the Dominican Republic.

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Thomas assured that, after the information published by the press, they thought that Cruz Azul would pass over them, being surprised by the match they have raised against a rival that did not turn out to be so dangerous.

“We have shown that we are a team that can fight, we thought that Cruz Azul would be an earthquake here. We watch the games a lot, we know they are leaders,” he commented.

In addition, the Caribbean player assured that they had some options to open the scoring, so they could complicate the tie before traveling to Mexico City.

“We could have the opportunity to win, we had two golden shares and if we had marked them we could eliminate them,” said the footballers.

Regarding the “exaggeration” of the press about Cruz Azul, the Arcahaie coach, Michel Gabriel, commented that the media had victimized the Haitians, who would be beaten in this first match.

“We know that Cruz Azul is a great team, it is a high-level team. The problem was that the press spoke as that Cruz Azul was going to come and win with 50 goals, we are not saying that they are not good, none of that, we know that they have high-level players, “the coach launched.

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