Cruz Azul: David Faitelson busts Juan Reynoso for the defeat against Toluca

The Cruz Azul Machine cut its streak of matches without losing in the Closing 2021 of the MX League at the least opportune moment, adding a new setback in the season in this start of the series of the Quarterfinals of the Liguilla against the Red Devils of Toluca, so now they will have to come back at the Azteca Stadium to win the tie.

The cement team surprised at the beginning by reserving two of its best players; Jonathan Roríguez and Orbelín Pineda; who came out as substitutes in one of the most important matches of the season for the team of Juan Reynoso, whatWho was harshly singled out by journalist David Faitelson for this decision.

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“I still don’t understand Juan Reynoso’s reasons for starting the league with“ Cabecita ”Rodríguez and Orbelín Pineda on the bench. There was nothing to“ invent. ”Cruz Azul was the best in the regular tournament and he just had to do the same when start the league… “, the journalist posted on the networks.

In addition to that, Faitelson assured that beyond the bad refereeing in Toluca vs Cruz Azul, the defeat of the cement producers was due to the error of Juan Reynoso in the planning of the match, for which he pointed out that if the celestial fans complained about the arbitration errors, he did it from the Peruvian coach.

If Cruz Azul complains about the arbitration, I complain about Juan Reynoso …

In addition to their complaints on social networks, on the ESPN program, Futbol Picante, Faitelson and José Ramón Fernanández, they pointed to the Cruz Azul coach as ‘stubborn’ for leaving Orbelín Pineda and Jonathan Rodríguez on the bench, two of the best footballers in the celestial team.

“All the coaches have a sign of arrogance to say ‘I dominate the game, I move my pieces and today I feel like putting the head Rodríguez and Orbelón Pineda on the bench because that’s how I see the game,” said Faitelson.

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