Cruz Azul: Carlos Hermosillo attacks against the playoffs: ‘It’s a mediocre tournament’

The Clausura 2021 tournament of the MX League has become the main target of accusations and criticism for the low quality of the matches before the return of the playoffs in the competition system.

In an exclusive interview for the medium ‘Clear Brand‘, former soccer player Carlos Hermosillo lashed out at the top ranks of Liga MX and described the Clausura 2021 tournament as’ mediocre’.

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“But if you go with the 12 clubs that follow, the difference is minimal and with winning two games they get involved, for me it is a mediocre tournament. It should be sought that there is more competition, that there is more football,” he said.

In addition, the former sky-blue soccer player used the Cruz Azul Machine as an example to point out that at this point that he already has the classification, he tends to lower his guard at the most transcendental moment of the season.

“A team that qualified so early usually tends to slacken, and at that moment the work of a coach is essential,” he said.

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Finally, Carlos Hermosillo affirmed that the Noria team arrives with the specific weight of having to achieve the Liga MX title in the Clausura 2021 tournament of the Liga MX in the face of the demands of the fans.

“Cruz Azul carries the weight of being a champion, people want the championship,” he said.