Cruz Azul ‘cancels’ documentary series ‘Camino a la Novena’ due to copyright

The Cruz Azul Machine, Almost a month after the Liga MX title, the Series had announced the path it had to travel to lift the long-awaited ninth, however, after the launch of the first episode of four, the series was ‘canceled’.

‘Camino a la Novena’ is the name of the series that suffered the consequences of copyright, because after the premiere of the first episode, it was removed from the YouTube platform due to copyright claims.

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Cruz Azul, who had promised four episodes of the series, could only launch one, which is no longer available and the other 3 will not see the light.

The detail of the ‘documentary’ is that it presented images from Televisa, who did not authorize the premiere of this production, so it had to be ‘canceled’.

Cruz Azul broke a 23-year streak without winning, so that less than a month later, the fans continue to celebrate the beautiful moment in style.


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