Cruz Azul: Billy Álvarez suspended in the celestial institution, has an ultimatum

The days of Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas What Director of La Cooperativa and President of the Club de Futbol de Cruz Azul seem to be numbered, since the process for the expulsion of him and his son from the celestial institution has already begun in an Extraordinary Assembly that took place on Monday, April 5, at the facilities of the cement company.

According to information revealed by ESPN, the Assembly approved with an 80% attendance of the members of the Cooperative to start the exclusion process for Billy Álvarez and his son Robin, as well as some twenty people related to him.

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Álvarez Cuevas and Robin Álvarez will have 20 days to present evidence and plead their innocence to avoid being excluded from the Cruz Azul Cooperative, so their official departure from the institution would take place at the next Assembly, in case they are not present evidence.

Víctor Garcés was not included in the process, as the manager had already been excluded since 2011.

Now, the Cruz Azul sports team will be able to initiate legal procedures with the MX League and the FMF to dissociate itself from the name of Guillermo Álvarez Cuevas.

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