Cruz Azul beats Tigres 2-0 and climbs to the top positions

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La Jornada newspaper
Thursday, February 18, 2021, p. a35

Cruz Azul delivered a 2-0 defeat to Tigres, who returned to the Liga Mx in high spirits after becoming the first Concacaf team to reach the final of the Club World Cup. With the victory, the celestial players reached 12 units to climb to third place, while the Monterrey players were left with seven units after six days of the Guardians 2021 tournament.

After an outstanding performance in Qatar, the cats arrived with full confidence at the El Volcán stadium, but the celestial ones surprised them with a successful offense, goals from Luis Romo at minute 5 and from Pol Fernández at 90 + 3, as well as interventions from the goalkeeper José de Jesús Corona.

The duel was just beginning when the visitors took the first blow. In a triangulation, Orbelín Pineda sent a pass to Luis Romo, who filtered into the center of the area to finish at point-blank range and open the scoring.

Tigres responded with a shot from Pierre Gignac from the right side, but Jesús Corona deflected the ball. Shortly after, the feline striker also looked for the nets with a free kick, although again it was saved by the goalkeeper.

Cruz Azul took control of the game and attacked with plays by Luis Romo and Roberto Alvarado, although they were also denied the goal due to missed shots.

Pressured by the disadvantage, the Monterrey players were more offensive in the complement and stalked the opponent’s goal with plays on the left wing, although they did not manage to close the attacks either. Carlos González had a golden opportunity to rescue the ball inside the area, but goalkeeper Jesús Corona stopped him in a heads up.

The cats persisted in the attack, although they lacked the skill to find the nets. When it seemed that the cards would not move, the celestial ones sealed the game when Pineda sent a pass to Pol Fernández, who defined from the half moon to reach the goal.