Crunchyroll confirms five series simulcasts for spring 2021

Within the framework of the 2021 Anime Awards ceremony, Crunchyroll confirmed five new series that will be simulcast on the platform during the spring 2021 season, including Tokyo Revengers, I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level and the highly anticipated second season of Zombie Land Saga.

Without further ado, know the key details of these series that you will be able to enjoy very soon on Crunchyroll Latin America:

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

director: Nobukage Kimura (episode director for Gatchaman Crowds insight).Study: Revoroot (Babylon).Premiere: April 10 (Japan).Source: Light novels, written by Kisetsu Morita and illustrated by Benio.Genders: Isekai, fantasy, comedy.

Synopsis: After dying from overwork in our world, I was reincarnated as an immortal witch and spent 300 years enjoying a relaxed life. Although, at a certain point, I did reach level 99! All those years I spent killing slimes to earn money with which to pay the bills have earned me a ton of experience points … Rumors of the level 99 witch are spreading and it didn’t take me long to get the attention of curious adventurers, dragons with want to duels, and even a monster girl who says I’m her mother! I have never lived any adventure, but now I am the strongest in the world … What will become of my relaxed life ?!

Look HERE the trailer.

Joran: The Princess of Snow and Blood

director: Susumu Kudo (Tokyo Babylon 2021).Study: Bakken Record (Pandora to Akubi).Premiere: April 6 (Japan).Source: Original.Genders: Historical, supernatural, action.

Synopsis: Year 1931. Prince Tokugawa Yoshinobu is 94 years old and in absolute control of Japan. Scraps of the Meiji era can still be seen around the city, but science, technology and the esoteric Japanese Onmyodo are also developing, thus already exuding a sense of modernity. Behind all this ostentation is hidden Kuchinawa, a dissident group that plans the murder of the prince and the consequent fall of the established regime. The task of apprehending these dissidents falls to Nue, the government’s secret group of executioners. Sawa Yukimura is a worker in this organization who, when she was very young, suffered at the hands of the head of Kuchinawa. Her entire family was murdered and she decided to dedicate her life to avenging his death.

Look HERE the trailer.

Odd taxi

director: Baku Kinoshita.Study: OLM (Pokémon) and P.I.C.S. (Space Bug).Premiere: April 2021.Source: Original.Genders: Mystery.

Synopsis: Odokawa is a taxi driver who leads a fairly simple life. He does not have a family, he does not interact much with others, and he is a very particular person who does not usually speak much or open up with anyone. The only people he can consider friends are his doctor Gouriki and Kakibana, an old classmate from high school. All of his clients are also quite strange. Kabasawa, the university student who wants the world to notice him on the networks. Shirakawa, a nurse with quite a few secrets. The Homosapiens, a comedic duo that does not have a moment of rest. Dobu, a local thug. Mystery Kiss, a group of idols who have just started … But his seemingly mundane conversations with his clients will end up leading him to a missing girl.

Look HERE the trailer.

Tokyo Revengers

director: Koichi Hatsumi (Gangsta.).Study: Liden Films (Otherside Picnic).Premiere: April 10 (Japan).Source: Manga, written and illustrated by Ken Wakui.Genders: Action, science fiction, drama.

Synopsis: Takemichi Hanagaki is a freelancer who has hit rock bottom in his life. One day he discovers that the only girlfriend he ever had in his life, back when he was in high school, the beautiful Hinata Tachibana, has been murdered by the Tokyo Manji gang. The day after he found out, Takemichi is waiting for the train on the platform when a horde of people push him onto the tracks. He closes his eyes thinking that he is going to die, but when he opens them, without knowing how, he has gone back 12 years in time. Now that he has returned to his best moment of life, Takemichi decides to take revenge for life by saving his girlfriend and changing that way of being hers from which he always fled.

Look HERE the trailer.

Zombie Land Saga Revenge

director: Munehisa Sakai (Zombie Land Saga).Study: MAPPA (Zombie Land Saga).Premiere: April 2021.Source: Original, created by MAPPA, Avex Pictures and Cygames. Genders: Musical.

Synopsis: It’s the return of this groundbreaking zombie idol anime! One day, Sakuma Minamoto loses his life in an unfortunate accident. Ten years later, Sakura wakes up in a strange mansion where producer Kotaro Tatsumi explains that she will be joining a group of legendary girls to form a group of zombie idols. The seven girls were given the mission to save the prefecture of Saga as Franchouchou, and after overcoming the difficulties generated by being of different ages and periods in history, their undead zombie bodies allowed them to challenge all the limits of what an idol can be. During the final winter of the Heisei era they held their first concert at the Karatsu Arpino, taking another step towards becoming legends. Now, in the modern Reiwa era, the curtain rises on a new chapter in Franchouchou’s history as they move toward a bright, hope-filled future.

Look HERE the trailer.

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