Cruella: first reactions call her the daughter of Joker and The Devil wears Fashion

Disney’s live-action adaptations have met with mixed luck, some being big box office hits and some not; some have been very well received by critics and others not. Last year Mulan – 83% could not be released in theaters due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so it was released on Disney Plus directly and the reception among the critics was good but fans of the animated original hated it. This year it’s Cruella’s turn, and the first reactions from critics are quite positive.

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Cruella It is a live-action remake that could be described as “revisionist”, similar to what Maleficent did – 50% with Sleeping Beauty – 92%; in this case Disney took the 101 Dalmatians villain – 98% and gave her an origin story that several compare to The Devil Wears Fashion – 75%, and some even with Joker – 91%. These comparisons are not that surprising, since since the release of the trailers, fans had said that it appeared to be a hybrid of both films.

Directed by Craig Gillespie (The Hours Counted – 63%, Me, Tonya – 96%, A Strike of Talent – 63%) and starring Emma Stone (Zombieland: Shot of Grace – 84%, La La Land: A Love Story – 92%, It Is Said About Me – 85%) and Emma Thompson (Sense and Feelings – 98%, The Remaining of the Day – 100%, The return of the magic lullaby – 75%), Cruella It will be released in theaters on May 27. Here are the first reactions from the critics:

@JimmytotheO has seen the lovely Cruella! One of the biggest and best surprises of the year! #EmmaStone is perfection and #EmmaThompson is exceptional. It may take you a little while to get up to speed, but once you do, an incredible show awaits you! Perversely wild, it’s a darkly comical joy!

#Cruella is #Joker meets #TheDevilWearsPrada and arguably the best #Disney live-action movie yet. #EmmaStone is just mind-blowing, and #EmmaThompson ties her in every step of the way. This movie is something special …

#Cruella is absolutely divine. Deliciously devilish, wonderfully evil, undeniably outrageous. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are truly an iconic couple and they perform to the limit. Costume designer Jenny Beavan deserves third place. Plus, it has an amazing soundtrack.

#Cruella is tremendously fun to watch, with incredible costumes and an epic soundtrack. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson are exceptionally wicked and funny, and they make the movie memorable. Also, Paul Walter Hauser steals scenes, as he usually does. It’s like an El Diablo wears Disneyfashioned fashion.

Categorizing #Cruella as cool is not hyperbolic. Because it’s great. Incredibly directed and elaborate, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets Oscar nominations for Best Production Design and Best Costume, and well acted – everyone’s having fun, and that fun runs into the DNA of the film.

#Cruella is an ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS movie! Each outfit is STUNNING and fits perfectly into London’s punk rock era. Emma Stone is flawless as Cruella and her version far surpasses Glenn Close’s version! The soundtrack is FIRE! Don’t miss the post-credit scene! WOOF!

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#Cruella is a delicious caper. Rich imagery and creative cinematography enhance this concise origin story immersed in the camp. Emma Stone creaks as she evolves as the main protagonist opposite Emma Thompson’s sour baroness. Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser are charming partners in crime.

#Cruella is one of Disney’s strongest live-action remakes that provides an updated origin story for a new era while displaying impressive fashion. Emma Stone is wildly entertaining in the title role as she fully commits to the villainous persona in a fearless and fearless performance.

CRUELLA tells the origin story of one of Disney’s greatest villains with a 70s punk rock flair, a touch of DC comics madness and lots of camp. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson perform their roles with wicked charm while the costumes are to die for! De Vil wears Prada!

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