‘Cruella’: Emma Thompson takes center stage in new trailer

As Disney has decided to keep the release date of ‘Cruella’ at May 28, and they have waited a long time to start showing things from the Emma Stone movie, we are now faced with a constant trickle of new promotional materials. Now we have a new trailer in which Stone gives the lead to the rest of the characters.

The one that occupies the most footage is Baroness Von Hellman, the character of Emma Thompson, a kind of Miranda Priestley, a fashion legend who will welcome Estella (Stone) as an apprentice, but soon a rivalry will be born between them.

Also briefly seen are Mark Strong as Boris, Paul Walter Hauser as the new Horace, Joel Fry as Jasper and Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Anita. And we finally have Dalmatians!

In theaters and on Disney +

‘Cruella’ will hit theaters and Disney + (by paying an extra for Premium Access) on May 28. Directed by Craig Gillespie (‘Yo, Tonya’). The film will show us how Estella went from being a shy fashionista to becoming a perfidious lover of fur.