‘Cruella’ celebrates the pandemic’s first major Hollywood premiere

Long-awaited Hollywood premieres and red carpets are back in the works. On May 18 at night El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles hosted the premiere of ‘Cruella’, the flesh and blood reinterpretation of the Disney classic with Emma Stone at the helm and Craig Gillespie at the controls.

The premiere was somewhat limited by the circumstances of the pandemic, as it had to adapt to security protocols and social distance. As a consequence, the press was unable to enter the event. Nevertheless, This event marks the first major premiere since the COVID-19 crisis broke out.

Several members of the ‘Cruella’ team passed through the red carpet. Joining Stone were Craig Gillespie, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, the film’s co-star, and many other cast members. The top Disney officials did not want to miss the event either. Bob Chapek, the executive director of Walt Disney, Alan Bergman and Alan Horn were other familiar faces who attended the premiere.

First impressions

Those who have already had the opportunity to see the film have classified it as “the possible surprise of the summer” and They don’t fall short of flattering both Stone and Emma Thompson:

“‘Cruella’ tells the origin story of one of Disney’s greatest villains with a 70s punk rock flair, a touch of DC comic madness and a lot of camp. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson take their characters by storm with wicked charm and the costumes are to die for. ‘The De Vil Wears Prada ‘”

Releases have always been a key process in promoting a filmBut so far the majors have had to adapt to the challenge of how to promote a movie in the weeks leading up to release without that support. With vaccines and coronavirus cases declining, Hollywood is optimistic for a resurgence in aid. In addition, in the United States almost 65% of theaters have managed to reopen to the public. The premiere of ‘Cruella’ could set precedents for the future of major Hollywood productions.

‘Cruella’ is the story of Estella (Emma Stone), a young designer in London in the 70s who attracts the attention of Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson). This relationship will be the one that triggers the young designer to become the villain we all know. We won’t have to wait much longer to see the film, as ‘Cruella’ will hit theaters and Disney + (with Premium Access) on May 28.

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