The president of Crue Spanish Universities, José Carlos Gómez Villamandos, has met with the Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, so that the preparation of the Statute of Research Teaching Staff (PDI), currently in the draft phase by the Ministry of Universities, and the development of the new structure of the research career that is included within the reform of the Science Law, are done in a coordinated manner. The general secretary for Universities, José Manuel Pingarrón, also participated in the meeting.

Gómez Villamandos has attended this meeting with the vice president of Crue and rector of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Francisco Mora; the members of the Permanent Committee of Crue, the rector of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​Margarita Arboix, and the rector of the University of the Basque Country, Nekane Balluerka, and the president of Crue-I + D + i and rector of the Autonomous University of Madrid, Rafael Garesse. On behalf of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, in addition to the minister himself, the General Secretary for Research, Rafael Rodrigo, and the General Secretary for Innovation, Teresa Riesgo, attended.

On the part of Crue, it has been explained in the meeting held at the Ministry that the scheme of both professional figures must be as similar as possible to facilitate permeability and bridges between institutions. The minister, in turn, stressed that the reform that is being developed seeks to design a stable and predictable professional career and has ensured that the Ministry of Science and Innovation is taking into account both university researchers and researchers. those of hospitals. In fact, Minister Duque and Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, will meet next Friday to discuss this matter.

The objective of this first meeting has been to seek meeting points so that the compatibility between the figures of Research Teaching Personnel and Researcher is as great as possible, so that their work has the same recognition regardless of where it is carried out and mobility between institutions. In both cases, the two ministries intend to provide greater stability and define with greater clarity the professional careers of both the PDI from universities and researchers from OPIs and other research centers.

The meeting also spoke about the importance of defining the career of technical research support staff, the need to alleviate the bureaucratic burden of researchers when they choose or participate in European projects and to transform the Offices for the Transfer of Results of Research (OTRIs) to provide them with a more practical vision and closer to the productive fabric.

Finally, Gómez Villamandos once again put on the table the structural problem of the underfunding of Spanish universities, the need to have more flexible recruitment figures to be able to attract and retain talent, both internal and external, and the importance to permanently eliminate the replacement fee for universities in order to rejuvenate university staff.

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