Croatia’s strengths and weaknesses, in numbers

06/25/2021 at 8:00 PM CEST

Croatia It will be the next stone on Spain’s path to its fourth European Championship. The world runner-up finished in second place in group D and will face the ‘Red’ with a place in the quarterfinals at stake. So far, the paths of both combined have been very similar: doubts in the first two days, convincing victory in the third match. In the figures of the two teams in the initial phase of the competition, however, several differences can be appreciated.

Although it is true that Croatia has tried to take possession of the ball and is the eighth selection of the Eurocup with a higher percentage in this matter (54 percent), the reality is that it is quite far from the 68.7 percent of Spain. Those of Zlatko Dalic occupy the ninth position in the list of teams with the best passing precision (85.7), also surpassed by those of Luis Enrique (88.3). In goals scored so far, the ‘Red’ is also imposed by six to four. The effectiveness is not one of the strengths of the National Team: it has made 209 attacks, almost double that of its rival in the second round (112).

The ‘Vatreni’ set is not a set that allows too much to happen in its area. He has conceded three goals and his goalkeeper, Dominik Livakovic, has only made five saves. Croatia is the fourth team with the fewest recoveries (100) and the third with the fewest fouls (27). Taking into account that it is very likely that against Spain they will have to learn to live without the ball –’Lucho ‘already made it clear before the start of the Eurocup that their players will be faithful to their football idea at all times and, although they will try to take advantage of the weaknesses of his opponents, will persist in his game plan -, the lack of defensive force will be a subject in which he will have to improve in view of the playoffs.

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