Croatia will not kneel before Eurocup matches

06/10/2021 at 6:52 PM CEST


Croatian national team players will not kneel before Eurocup matches “because that does not symbolize anything in the anti-racist struggle in the Balkan country,” the Croatian Football Federation (HNS) said.

Croatia will begin its journey through Euro 2020 on Sunday at Wembley against England where the custom of putting one knee on the grass seconds before the referee signals the start of the match is ingrained, in support of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement against racism .

“The Croatian Football Federation and all members of the national team always and everywhere condemn any form of discrimination. We respect the right of every individual and organization to choose their position against racism. HNS believes that all players have the right to have an opinion on these issues and choose how to position yourself, “said the spokesman for the Croatian federation, Tomislav Pacak.

Before the friendly match against Belgium, the Croatian national team players did not kneel, while the Belgians did.

“The HNS respects the position of the members of the national team and will not impose the obligation to kneel on them, which in Croatian culture is not a symbol of the fight against racism and discrimination,” he added Pacak.

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