Critics of ‘Black Widow’ highlight its action and its cast, but it does not work as an independent film

The one of ‘Black Widow’ is one of the most anticipated releases of the year because it represents the return of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the big screen and the launching in theaters of Phase 4. In addition, finally the Natasha Romanoff of Scarlett Johansson is going to have his own solo movie, the perfect farewell to the character who died in ‘Avengers: Endgame’ sacrificing himself for his partner to save the world. In eCartelera we have already seen the film and you can read our review here, but we also wanted to take a walk through other media and the American press to see what it says there.

‘Black Widow’ has suffered numerous delays due to the pandemic, has it been worth the wait? ComicBook’s Jamie Jirak and RogerEbert’s Brian Tallerico agree on a bit enthusiastic “Better late than never” (although both have given it very good marks), but Doug Jamieson of The Jam Report is much clearer: “definitely yes”. The script does not seem to have many followers, since they criticize that there is too much talk and that when the scriptwriters do not have the answer, they ignore the question. At least, yes, it finally puts “feminine problems” on the front page, according to Rob Hunter of Film School Rejects; and more, according to Eric Kohn of IndieWire, “‘Black Widow not only passes the Bechdel test, it forces men to grind by putting them in their place.”

Two of the media’s highlights of ‘Black Widow’ are its cast and of course its action scenes, “some of the best you can remember” .’s Mae Abdulbaki. According to Roger Moore of Movie Nation, these sequences “They give the film a visual coherence that most Marvel movies lack”, although Alonso Duralde from The Wrap complains that the montage uses too many cuts. A very interesting detail that David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter and Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair have pointed out is that, although spectacular, the fights are much more realistic, because as Rob Hunter of Film School Rejects also points out in ‘Black Widow’ “they are shown the physical damage that all that struggle has on the human body. ”

Johansson as Natasha grabs compliments such as “she’s in her prime” (Jenna Busch,, “shines in the role” (Joey Morona, Cleveland Plain Dealer) and “delivers a powerful and moving performance” (Josh Wilding ,; But the press is also not short on praise for Florence Pugh: “If you’re not a fan of Pugh yet, you will be at the end of ‘Black Widow'” Insider’s Kirsten Acuña says, and for Wilding it’s “one of the most exciting additions to the MCU in a long time.” Behind the scenes, Alonso Duralde of The Wrap says that ‘Black Widow’ “benefits from having a woman in the director’s chair,” referring to the work of Cate Shortland.

One downside? The villains, because Wilding says that Taskmaster will not be one of the most remembered and for Joey Magidson of Awards Radar: “Ray Winstone is one of the weakest baddies in the franchise.” It also seems like it ends too early and doesn’t revolve as much around Natasha as you might expect (Matt Rodriguez, Shakefire)

How does he fit in and what did he contribute to the UCM?

Many critics buy ‘Black Widow’ with ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’, “reduced version” of it Magidson calls it and “more satisfying than the smooth and bombastic ‘Captain Marvel'” is how David Rooney describes it from ‘The Hollywood Reporter ‘. Thanks to its dark tone, it doesn’t even look like a Marve movie to Nicole Clark, despite the fact that virtually everyone agrees that, As a standalone movie, working at all doesn’t work: “‘Black Widow’ is a springboard movie that fills in some of the blanks”, Matt Rodriguez, Shakefire; “Marvel could make these movies, from time to time, more autonomous” – Joey Magidson; and “seems more like an introduction to what’s to come than the solo movie this character deserves,” Tessa Smith, Mama’s Geeky.

‘Black Widow’ opens in theaters and on Disney + at an additional cost on July 9.

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