Criticisms of Pablo Casado for the tweet he has now published about Ana Peleteiro

Pablo Casado, during a press conference. (Photo: .)

Pablo Casado, leader of the PP, had been receiving a barrage of criticism on social networks for days because he had not congratulated Ana Peleteiro or Ray Zapata for their bronze and silver medals on social networks.

Despite this, the truth is that the ‘popular’ leader had not congratulated other Spanish medalists for their success in the Olympic Games, but there were many who had focused on those two cases as they were black athletes.

Now, five days after Zapata and Peleteiro triumphed in Tokyo, Casado has finally congratulated them. He has done it as a result of the gold of the karateka Sandra Sánchez, a circumstance that he has taken advantage of to congratulate the rest of the Spanish medalists.

“A week in which the Spanish medal table has not stopped growing. Today we add an exciting gold with @sandrasankarate. Congratulations also to @rayderley, @apeleteirob, @teriportela, @JCardonaPodium, @JordiXammar, and @nicolas_rdgz_gp. You are a source of pride for everyone, ”Casado wrote.

Despite that message, criticism has only multiplied because many believe that it is too late and due to pressure from social networks.

The message has sparked reactions like these:

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