Yesterday’s episode of ‘MasterChef’ was experienced in a special way on social networks. The gastronomic talent show of La 1, like many other programs on the television grill in our country, had to interrupt his recordings due to the coronavirus pandemic, and until now, only material made before the alarm state had been issued. It was finally last night when the first program recorded with the contestants was seen after the peak of the crisis.

And although the contest continues to arouse the enthusiasm of its fans, the truth is that There were a number of things that viewers did not like regarding the ‘adaptation’ of the format to the new conditions derived from the current health situation. The applicants told how they had personally managed the confinement, and it is true that a series of changes could be seen on the set, such as the safety distance that jurors now keep on the stage from which the dishes of the contestants or protective gloves with whom they coordinated.

The producer of the program, in addition, insisted on the measures brought, ensuring that applicants are now forced to keep their distance and that “precautions have been increased to be able to enter the market for cooking ingredients”. But there was an important detail that did not go unnoticed and that quickly became the focus of criticism on social networks. And is that none of the people present in yesterday’s program used the mask at any time: neither the contestants, nor the relatives who visited them live, nor the judges.

It should be noted that the program broadcast last night It was recorded at the end of April, when the regulations that required wearing a mask indoors were not yet issued. But many users of social networks wanted to make it clear that, as a matter of mere responsibility and awareness, these should have prevailed throughout the filming, and more considering that the contestants talk and interact with each other at a short distance from the food they prepare, which implies a higher risk of contagion.

“Are they aware in masterchef that cooking with gloves but without a mask is not worth anything at all?”, “I imagine that everyone is healthy and they have been tested, but it seems to me that just for example they should wear masks. Just as I have always criticized their loose hair, “” I am very happy that #masterchef contestants cook with gloves for the coronavirus but They spend an hour talking to the chefs about the pans and pots, less than two meters and without masks in a closed space. Same rules for everyone, or what? “,” They are cooking without a mask, there talking, spitting, and that food is now eaten by other people. But EHH, WEARING GLOVES hahahahaha “, are some of the comments of reproach left by the tweeters.