Palmer believes Montoya used ‘Verstappen’ tactics in his last virtual race

The Briton points out the two maneuvers of which he believes that Juan Pablo is guilty

Juan Pablo Montoya’s maneuvers in the last event of the ‘All-Star Cup’, held on Saturday, are reminiscent of some controversial movements of Max Verstappen in Formula 1, according to Jolyon Palmer.

Formula 1 driver Jolyon Palmer is one of the analysts on The Race team commenting on virtual racing. On Saturday he was attentive to the last event of the All-Star Cup and paid attention, above all, to Juan Pablo Montoya, whom he points out as being to blame for two incidents: one for moving while defending himself against his compatriot Gabby Chaves and the other for crossing in front of the British pilot Sebastian Priaulx.

There were two incidents in which Montoya was the culprit“Palmer comments, according to the GP Blog web portal.

“The first was with Gabby chaves, in which he moved from one side to the other in turns 8 and 9. Chaves went at high speed to the grass and then against the wall. In a second incident, Montoya is too late. Sebastian Priaulx he is in his own fight and Montoya crosses him in the braking zone. That is prohibited, “says Palmer.

Palmer warns of how dangerous such actions are and ensures that for movements like these the Formula 1 drivers hated Max Verstappen, with whom Jolyon shared two seasons in the Grand Circus.

“That is precisely why they criticized Verstappen in Formula 1 and the rest of the pilots hated him for that“Palmer adds to finish.

Jolyon refers to how much Max risked early in his career. Although we’ve seen a more restrained Verstappen in recent months, not so long ago we saw a controversial move of his to the limit in a battle with Daniel Juncadella in a virtual race.

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