criticism of Kuailian from Spanish investors

Monumental mess that has been formed with Kuailian, a new investment platform that offered benefits to its users of up to 20%.

To achieve these gains, investors had to deposit their money for 1000 days. Such was the boom that it generated that dozens of youtubers and influencers joined the project, encouraging their followers to benefit from it.

Although the joy did not last long. One of the affected users explained to Teknauts that “the first months things went well, they paid even the returns generated up to date, you had hardly any costs, there was transparency and more and more people came in, but from that spring on, everything became cloudy. Up to now”.

Currently, they estimate that the platform could have raised close to a million ethers, which would be $ 1.5 billion. Many of these investors have turned the case over to lawyers, causing Kuailian I arrived at the National Court with a complaint for fraud, money laundering and documentary falsification.

The same user explains that “at the beginning they offered about 10% monthly profitability with low-risk licenses (investments) and about 17 for medium-risk ones, but little by little they went down, making all kinds of excuses and changing terms. Right now I can be earning about 10 euro cents a day of profitability, and if that, something it is way below what was promised to me and that, above all, does not match the current situation of the ethers that I deposited on the platform ”.

Faced with such a commotion, Kuailian has offered these users to recover part of the investment (it would be around 40%) before completing the established period in exchange for avoiding any legal action.

“They offer you to recover in ‘eths’ the initial value you invested in FIAT, that is, if you invested 2 ‘eths’ that were equivalent to 2,000 dollars, for example, because now they give you back those 2,000 dollars in ‘eths’ that, for the raise of the price of Ethereum, it is much less than those 2 ‘eths’. But it is that, in addition, it must be added that the ‘pool’ no longer has it in Ethereum Instead, they have it in Polkadot, Cardano and Tron, that is to say that to that return you have to remove the commissions that it costs to change from one currency to another and take the ‘eths’ to your ‘wallet’. Come on, you get back much less than what you invested ”, he adds.

The same account that more and more people are affected by Kuailian: “Let’s see, there were people who wanted to report a long time ago, but these recent events have been the last straw. After months of problems, decreases in yields that were combined with changes in the ‘wallet’, commission charges, alleged capital inflows through a ‘venture capital’ that later disappeared, loss of transparency, which in theory was the key of the project … Now on top of that they change everything and They close the product where we had invested offering us another that went against our interests ”.

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